Me in the sea!Stuart

Photographer, Travel Writer and Surfer

A interest and admiration of others, led to an addictive hobby culminating in an obsession to photograph images which truly represent and depict the world around us.

A healthy obsession with the breaking dawn coastal swell of Devon and Cornwall has served only to heighten my appreciation for magnificent light, land topography and weather conditions producing stunning scenery and situations to be photographed.

Photography’s always been important to me from a young age, but it’s only in relatively recent years that a genuine passion for content, structure, composition and situation has been explored. Photography needs to excite, an images needs to convey more than words, it needs to tell a story, portray raw emotions whilst capturing the unfiltered Exquisiteness of the subject matter .These objectives whilst challenging are my motivations and goals.

Well travelled and now living in Denmark for at least one year new photography projects are on the horizon, Whilst for downtime an episode of Cult TV show Red Dwarf always makes me chuckle.