Anse Gaulettes is one of a cluster of pristine beaches situated on the south west coast of the island.

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The beach gently curves to form a delectable bay, flanked by imposing black granite boulders on the right and by hotel villas on the distant left. Behind, granite mountains covered in lush green jungle give the impression of an impenetrable wilderness, whilst the beach itself is guarded at the rear by overhanging takamaka tree and palms.

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The waters in the bay can be ‘lively’ by Seychelles standards, making it a splendid location for beginner or intermediate surfers to experience the swell the island has to offer. Underwater reefs to the left and right of the bay channel wave energy and swell centrally, to create a friendly if slightly unpredictable, beach break providing appealing wave height and sets to any slightly adventurous board riders.

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To the left and right at periods of higher tides, slightly more skilled surfers can tackle the reef breaks; waves form here with crisper edges, cleaner faces leading to some longer, quicker rides.

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Undoubtedly the beach’s star attraction is the falling sun in the late afternoon the golden rays of light swamp everything in its path, the mesmerising sunset changes the bay complexion.The sun subsequently disappear behind Pointe Lazare leaving a kaleidoscope of deep, elegant colours and clouds stretching across the skyline of the bay.

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