During our stay on La Digue we visited Ansé Source D’Argent, recently voted the number one beach in the world again by The Guardian newspaper in the UK.  To get to this beach you cycle through the Union Estate plantation which is an interesting place to visit in its own right. As resident’s we can enter the plantation for free (a perk of living in the Seychelles!), but if you are a tourist it costs 100 SR which is well worth it.


DSC_0833The plantation includes an old plantation house.

DSC_0785It has vanilla plantations.

DSC_0750Demonstrations of coconuts being de-rusked.

DSC_0841You can stop and feed giant tortoises in their pens.

DSC_0834Once you have cycled along the track you reach a bicycle parking bay.  This is a sight to behold, with all the brilliant colours of the bikes and their shopping baskets!

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IMGP0715 blogHere you leave your bike and then follow a magical path on foot.  The path stretches along the coastline, flanked by enormous granite boulders.  In between the boulders there are beautiful coves, which make wonderful photos. We even saw it all dressed for a wedding ceremony.

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 The path stretches for about 5 minutes before you reach the main spectacle, Anse Source D’Argent, the most photographed beach in the world!

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At the back of the beach there’s a really cool wooden bar, the guy there is very friendly and gave us the tip of walking further on round to reach other beaches.

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IMGP0722 blogWe waded through waist deep water in sections (jelly shoes are a must due to spiny sea urchins!) and found our own private beach.

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IMGP0741 blogWe soon found that you can chill in the beautiful bath warm water here, but if the tide is out you cannot snorkel.

IMGP0749 blogOn our trek back we saw a small shark swimming in the shallows.

IMGP0746 blogBack on the main beach the tide was further in so we went for a snorkel, following the advice of the bar signs, and Debs was lucky enough to see a turtle and swim along with it by herself.

DSC_0770We returned to this beautiful beach to enjoy a Seybrew and watch the sunset on our last evening on La Digue. This beach and island truly are a spectacle to embrace.


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