On Sunday 20th March we ventured to Cap Ternay which is part of a marine national park. The drive here means going over the mountain and then driving to the very Northern part of this road beyond Ephelia and Port Launay.  When you get to the end of the road you come across some derelict gates and it looks like you might have reached the set of Jurassic Park. This area was once a National Youth centre and there are many derelict buildings which look interesting to explore. The site is now home to a marine charity GVI who had organised a beach clean.IMGP1113

IMGP1117We met the volunteers from the charity down at the beach and set to work helping to clear as much rubbish as possible.

We explored the mangrove area behind the beach which meant scrabbling through the thick undergrowth at points. We were armed with one glove each and a black bag between us.IMG_20160320_093145We were amazed by the volume of rubbish we found between us and it was shocking to see where lots of it accumulates from the ocean. The roots of the mangroves had tens if not hundreds of bottles caught in them.IMG_20160320_102607We found lots of used baby wipes, this definitely opened our eyes to the fact that these are not biodegradable and would put us off using them in the future. We found corrugated iron pieces from old roofs. Lots of glass bottles and bits of broken glass.IMG_20160320_094826The whole team and us spent an hour and a half on the beach clean and it was incredible to see what a team of about 20 people could achieve in this time. It is definitely inspiring when you have a group of like-minded individuals working together to achieve a common goal. It has also made us even more aware of how much rubbish must be in the seas in total if this volume was found on just one small isolated beach!IMGP1111