The Copolia trek begins on the Sans Souci road from Victoria, the trail begins past the forest station on the left, where you will find a sign for the start of the trail.


The trail is easy to moderate in difficulty; water will definitely be needed for the 2-2½ hour trek as it can reach 30 degrees with at least 80% humidity under the jungle canopy.

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The trail is located in Morne Seychellois National Park with a twisting and steep, ascent through the thick jungle. Many large and old tree roots cut across the trail with wooden pegs and soil being used to make Heath Robinson steps.

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The trek surrounding are amazing, wild and ungoverned forest vegetation covers the jungle floor with trees shooting up into the canopy. Watch out for the smallest frog on earth (the Soogossus Gardineri) which lives here, this tiny shy frog is just 1.6 centimetres in length. Far easier to spot are the lizards, birds, spiders and leaf insects making noise in the jungle.

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At the summit a short clamber over boulders reveals a small ladder up to a granite table.  Behold the top of the trail! The skyline is vast overlooking Victoria and its sprawling capital.

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The view towards the coast and Ste Anne Marine National Park is great; Eden Island with its houses the boats can also be seen from here whilst Cerf Island and Moyenne are the Island in the distance

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The view behind is of the mountains and jungle which appears to rise and fall across the rest of the island.

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The top of the trail also holds one more surprises, the unusual and rare pitcher plants sits proudly growing right under your feet. This carnivorous plant eats insect prey by tempting them into its vase shaped liquid bowl.

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Only 497 meters back to the bottom!!!

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