We spent three nights during half-term in La Digue. This island has forever stolen a piece of my heart, it is like a little slice of heaven! When we arrived we were greeted by salesman hiring bikes at the pier, we decided to take them up on the offer and rented two bikes for 100 SR each per day. We loaded our over-sized travelling rucksack in the shopping basket and off we rode.


On La Digue there are almost no cars, so it is safe for cyclists of all abilities and ages, they even hire trikes for the less confident!  All of the roads are quiet and are so picturesque, many lined with palm trees.



We were staying in self-catering accommodation which was a great option here, and there are loads of choices all over the island.  We stocked up on groceries at the supermarket, loaded up our bicycle shopping baskets and cycled it via the beach back to our apartment.



There is a coastal rode which goes the majority of the way round the island. It is great to cycle round this and stop at a variety of different beaches.  You can cycle to the end of the road at Ansé Forums.

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The North-East coast of the island is almost deserted and here you can see giant tortoises roaming free.

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We followed the road round and found hammocks overhanging the beautiful sea.



The famous George Camille gallery is located on this side of the island and is worth stopping at to view the pictures.

We stopped to visit the beach at Ansé Severe, which is famed for its snorkelling. Unfortunately it was a bit rough when we stopped.

The beach at Ansé La Reunion is narrow, but is the perfect place to stop with a Seybrew and enjoy the sunset.

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