Since arriving we’ve been attempting to try at least one new food each week to get into the island lifestyle.  The market in Victoria is a great place to sample lots of the food.

We’ve enjoyed trying a huge array of fruits such as starfruit, golden apples, zanmalak, santol, pawpaw, korsol and guava. Some of these fruit we buy at the market in Victoria, some in STC supermarket and we have even picked some on walks. Lots of these fruit grow wild all over the island.IMG_20160204_175513




IMG_20160222_134827Another of the tasty delights of living in the Seychelles is the choice of freshly caught fish. Lots of local fisherman sell these by the side of the road, we often stop and buy them from them as they bring them into shore. It can be good to go the market to buy the fish as you can have them gutted and descaled for a small extra charge. Since arriving we have bought and cooked the delicious red snapper, jobfish, parrotfish and karang. We’ve tried numerous other fish too, but don’t always know the names!DSC_0586



IMGP0083We’ve enjoyed eating out since we’ve arrived, and one place which is great to sample local dishes is the night market at Beau Vallon.  Here locals come to the carpark set behind the beach and there is a great party atmosphere. A variety of market stalls are set up, mostly selling food and drink, but there a few souvenir stalls too.  Lots of local recipe dishes are available to purchase here. We’ve tried dishes such as octopus curry, barbecued/grilled fish, tuna fish curry and fish chilli.  All of these dishes are great value for money between around 50 to 75 SR served with a huge serving of rice and often pawpaw salad.  It’s a lovely way to spend a Wednesday evening after work, sitting watching the amazing sunset over Beau Vallon eating a takeaway dish whilst absorbing the atmosphere.IMG_20160224_184210



IMG_20160224_190032Debs has now been branching out to try and make some Seychelles dishes/recipes with varying success! We have no scales, so she has come to call it ‘guess work baking’, much inspired by her mum! She has now tried making coconut cakes called gato koko which have turned out yummy both times. These are a great snack and good for lunchboxes and picnics.DSC_0949She’s also had a go at Feyte, which apparently is a firm favourite in the Seychelles, enjoyed with a cup of vanilla tea. However, you might not have wanted too many of these ‘dense doorstops’ as Stu christened them that Debs made!IMGP1090She’s also had a go at Stew Pwason, which is usually made with red snapper, but we substituted karang. This was yummy, but we enjoyed it with British mashed potato as opposed to the Seychellois rice. After pancake day in February we now enjoy an almost weekly pancake evening or morning, enoying a range of sweet and savoury pancakes sometimes with a Seychellois twist.DSC_0895The other thing we’ve grown to enjoy since moving here is a yummy cocktail. Every day between 5 and 7pm Eden Bleu hotel offers happy hour cocktails for 70 SR. We have grown to become regular visitors on a Friday after work, enjoying a refreshing beverage and a swim in the pool overlooking the millionaire yachts, dreaming of cruising away.IMG_20160311_180512

DSC_1011It’s fun trying a variety of foods and learning more about the Seychellois lifestyle.