One of the many joys of living in the Seychelles is the number of beautiful hotels there are around the islands. We have now treated ourselves to the breakfast at Fishermans Cove twice since we moved here at the end of December.  Fishermans Cove is located at the Southern end of Beau Vallon, a long curving beach.IMGP1106

IMGP1108Everyday of the week it is open to non-guests for breakfast for 300 SR each.  The breakfast provides a huge buffet with lots of choice from 7:30 to 10:30am. We ensure we arrive nice and early to make the most of the time available and because we think we can fit more food in before it gets too hot!

There are lots of tables that overlook the sea, it is amazing to sit and each your breakfast with a stunning view.DSC_0694The breakfast choice includes a wide range of fresh fruit such as passion fruit and mango fresh from the island.  There is a continental breakfast range of cheese and cold meats, a wide selection of croissants and brioche. IMG_20160131_094655You can choose many options for a full English breakfast, there is even a chef ready to cook eggs freshly for your liking and pancakes.IMG_20160131_080707If you fancy less of an adventurous breakfast you can opt for cereals, there is even fresh milk, which is something of a novelty on the island!IMG_20160131_084530We enjoy eating a bit of everything as it all tastes superb. It’s also nice to wash it all down with one of the choices of juice or a fruit smoothie.IMG_20160131_080745

IMG_20160131_091439All of the waitresses are very polite and their service is impeccable. We have been very impressed with how quickly they ask for your hot beverage order, we recommend the latté, and you can have as many you like.IMG_20160131_083128After enjoying the breakfast it’s lovely to ask for an iced coffee to enjoy down by the pool, a lovely infinity pool which overlooks the sea.  What a wonderful way to start the day!IMG_20160319_112615