On Sunday 28th February we took part in the Seychelles 9th Eco Marathon 5K run.  We had been watching the preparations for the event over the past week in anticipation.  Excitedly we drove to Beau Vallon for 7am to cheer the marathon and half-marathon runners off the start line. We were surprised that there were only about 50 runners!DSC_0951


We then took our places behind the start line with crowds of 5 and 10K runners.  There were hundreds of people entered for these events, mostly local Seychellois, with many families entered into the competition which gave the whole event a very fun atmosphere.  There were some groups entered from different companies, including a whole group of employees from Vijay builders.


As the starting gun sounded we began to shuffle forward to the start line. Once we reached our starting positions we had to try and run, but these posed a harder challenge than anticipated. Stu managed to weave his way expertly between the hoards, diverting into the car park from the running track to move around the droves.  I struggled to push my way through and we were immediately separated!


The running route followed the coast road north from Beau Vallon up to the Hilton hotel to a turning point and then back to Beau Vallon. The route is very scenic, following the coast, but does include some hills! It was hard work running in 30 degree heat, but also good fun. In the Seychelles the road is left open to drivers even though there are hundreds of people running. This gave a new and added peril to the race, operation avoid cars and other walking ‘runners’. Water was hard to come by in the race, as the first water point was very busy, and by the time you got back to that one on the return leg it was empty!

We were happy to reach the finish line with both sub 30 minute times in the heat and were pleased to rehydrate with water! The best part of finishing the race was being awarded T-shirts with Eco Marathon on, so we can trick ourselves (and others) that we ran 26 miles in the Seychelles. We were also awarded medals to take away.



After the race Stu was approached by a reporter who interviewed him on his experience, we will now wait to see if he appears in the National newspaper, exciting times!


And how did we choose to cool off? With a swim in the Indian Ocean of course…..