On the 22nd of April to the 24th April 2016 the Seychelles hosted its sixth edition of Seychelles Carnaval International de Victoria.IMGP2048The event dubbed the ‘carnival of carnivals’

The main theme chosen for the 2016 event was ‘Unity’ and as in previous years representatives from some of the most famous carnivals in the world were invited to take part in this wild concoction of culture and colourIMGP2046Prior to the event the whole of the capital Victoria had been dressed to celebrate the carnival with brightly coloured materials hanging from statues and trees.IMGP2042

IMGP2041During the main parade on the Saturday around 40 local and internationally based floats took to the streets of the capital VictoriaIMGP2054Every float dazzled onlookers with all participants dressed in colourful costumes representing their nation, choreographed dancers bounced down the route waving and enjoying the spirit of the extravaganza of culture.IMGP2060All the floats involved in the carnival were of excellent quality and truly represented their nations, the colours and effort put into designing and building these floats was amazing

Special mentions have to go the Brazilian party who brought some true samba flair to the parade with the sparklingly detailed outfits and scantily clad Brazilian beauties.IMGP2117The Zambia float looked outstanding; traditionally dressed men danced to their beatingdrums like hunters around a fire whilst others donned party clothing covered in bright colours and pictured animals.IMGP2127The Notting Hill float from the United Kingdom was breathtakingly designed, their accompaniment comprised of giant animal puppets lifted high into the air by large stilts with puppeteers dressed in matching colours underneath. A giant parrot, pelican, flamingo and common kingfisher filled the sky with others dressed as butterflies weaving in and out of the puppeteers.IMGP2129


IMGP2134They also had even more people dressed as  glowing seahorses with dolphins jumping overhead, shimmering jellyfish and other wonderful costumes filled the street.IMGP2144Many countries took part in the parade including Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea, Germany, Italy, China, India, South Africa, Zambia, Mauritius, Kenya, Vietnam and London’s own Notting HillIMGP2067




IMGP2138The after party was very much at Freedom square, here the large music stage boomed with carnival anthems. Many local retailers including Seybrew and Takamaka had outlets here.IMGP2036Local music artists kept the music stage busy with performances late into the night as the crowd swelled and the beverages flowed as the Seychellois people showed they know how to party.IMG_20160423_205621