During our time in the Sigiriya area we stayed at Sigiri Lake Paradise run by Amilia and her husband.  Of all the places we stayed in Sri Lanka this was easily our favorite, so we decided to stay for two nights and would happily have stayed longer if we hadn’t needed to return to Colombo.IMGP1878 copyThe lodge is located about 2-3 km down a dirt track away from the main road. It was designed and built by Amilia’s husband and was only opened in January 2016. It is situated next to a large rock by a lake.IMGP1929 coIt has enormous windows which make the most of the lovely outlook.

Inside the floors are polished concrete and the base of the bed is also made of the same.  There is a large bathroom with a shower and it is all finished immaculately.
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20160406_153337At the front there is a veranda with a seating area, and the design even incorporates a tree into this part.IMGP1845 coOn the afternoon we arrived we spent some time relaxing on the rock by the lake watching all of the amazing wildlife including lots of different birds. Whilst we were sat there some local people arrived who come everyday to swim and wash in the lake. It was an amazing privileged to witness the routine in their lives, they were very welcoming and we even joined them briefly to swim in the lake, before we jumped out scared about crocodiles! Their neighbors enjoyed a laugh at us!IMGP1862 co

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20160406_172536That evening we watched the sunset over Sigiriya rock which is visible across the lake. We were then treated to an incredible lightning storm.IMGP1881 coBecause the lodge is quite remote we chose to have our evening meal cooked by Amilia and we would thoroughly recommend it. Our food was beautifully presented on a table outside of our lodge. We had curry and rice which included coconut sambol, chicken curry, pumpkin, beans and poppadoms, and for desert yogurt and banana.IMGP1902 coWe found the bed very comfortable in the lodge. It is such a peaceful location, with only the sounds of the jungle in the background to lull you off to sleep.IMGP1937 copyWe had breakfast on the rock in the morning which was fantastic! It included coconut rottis, pancakes with honey and coconut inside, egg, bananas (homegrown) and fruit juice. It was the best view we’d had for a breakfast.20160407_082431

20160407_082242Our second evening we spent in much the same way, relaxing. The location seems to request you do so as it is so tranquil.20160406_162030In the evening Debs watched Amilia making string hoppers, she made a paste which is then pushed through a metal ‘sieve’ contraption. Debs had a go at helping too, but hers weren’t as impressive!IMGP1946 coOur dinner that evening included string hoppers, chicken curry, coconut sambol, dahl and pineapple. It was delicious.IMGP1948 coWe would thoroughly recommend this accommodation for the welcoming hosts, the tranquility and the opportunity to explore rural Sri Lanka on bikes. When we left, we left a little bit of our hearts at Sigiriya Lake Paradise…IMGP1928 co