From our accommodation in Ella we were able to walk along the railway track to the train station which took about 7 minutes. It is fun to walk along the tracks and see local people on their way to school and work.20160404_085352At the train station it is easy to buy tickets for your day of travel. We decided we would catch the 9:23am train and we would travel by 3rd class, which cost us 25 rupees each (approx. 12p!) to get to Haputale.

The train stations are all really picturesque and it is like taking a step back in time.20160404_085725We were really pleased that we chose to travel 3rd class. It was very empty and we didn’t want a seat anyway, we spent the entire journey sat/stood in the doorways watching the amazing scenery.IMGP1733

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20160404_094339During this stretch of the railway journey we saw tea plantations rolling past, beautiful waterfalls and rice paddies.IMGP1684 copy

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IMGP1750 copyThis section of the trainline in Sri Lanka is one of the best known parts and the first class and observation carriages can get busy with tourists. We enjoyed travelling 3rd class with the locals, listening to them singing and chatting happily.
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