Seychelles food encompasses elements from all over the world, Kreol home cooking is considered splendid alone, however ingredients from India, Sri Lanka, Italy and France blend with locally produced island food makes for a mouth-watering menu.


 Victoria Market or the Sir Selwyn-Clarke Market has existed since 1839 and is open daily from 6am.

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The market is the place to head in search of the freshest fish, fruit and vegetables on the Island.

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The strikingly designed and coloured market is semi covered from the elements with an open court yard situated in the middle with multi-coloured umbrellas providing shade. The market is a two floored colourful hub of African beauty and a hive of activity particularly early in the morning when vast quantities of freshly landed fish arrive.

Red snapper, barracuda, parrot fish, job fish, tuna, mackerel, octopus and wahoo are all seen here.



The middle of the market is largely made up of fruit and vegetable vendors. Freshly harvested crops sit displayed on counters. Products on offer include mango, bananas, guava, pineapples, starfruit, pawpaw, Zamalek and breadfruit.

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Towards the rear of the market can be found stalls selling powerful smelling herbs and spices, wild honey, cinnamon sticks, jams and coconut oil are also on sale here.


Upstairs on the second floor lays home to Seychelles memorabilia, shirts and dresses of vibrant colours.

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On the street just outside the market you will find a man selling eggs by the plastic bagful from the back of a truck, usually flanked by a large queue, excellent eggs prices are found here at around 2.50 Rupees per egg.


Remember always try to haggle or barter with the local sellers, prices are negotiable. If staying in self-catered this is a useful place to purchase food on a budget.