During our holiday to La Digue we decided to complete the trail to Ansé Cocos. We cycled our bikes to Grand Ansé which is a hot ride over the hill from the La Passe (the main town).  Grand Ansé is a beautiful quiet beach.  There is a small restaurant at the back of the beach selling food and beverages.  The beach has waves and gets deep quickly, but is very refreshing for a swim.

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Near the track and bicycle parking there is a small sign hidden in the bushes pointing to Petite Ansé.  If you follow this trail it leads over a small footbridge into the rainforest up over the cliff.  It is a very short 10-15 minute walk to Petite Ansé.  It is hard walking with steps built into the rocks and you need to be careful when it’s slippery. However, once there you are rewarded by a beautiful beach, it is even quieter then Grand Ansé.  There isn’t much shade but there are shelters built at the back of the beach out of palm leaves.

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We like Petite Ansé, but for us it was Ansé Cocos which has stole our hearts and is our favourite beach so far in the Seychelles.  We walked further along the rainforest trail, over granite boulders and another cliff top.  The walk itself is worth the effort, we were rewarded with seeing giant millipedes, the black flycatcher bird (which you can identify by the male’s long tail) and many lizards.

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At the end of the trail there is a small sign signifying your arrival, you walk out through the trees and are rewarded by the most spectacular sight.  We were the only people on this beautiful beach.

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Ansé Cocos is a long sweeping sandy beauty with the typical Seychellois granite boulders at the north end.  When you walk along and reach the boulders don’t be surprised if you find some people who have taken the opportunity for skinny dipping and naked sunbathing before you!

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The currents on Ansé Cocos can be strong, but at the north end there are some protected pools by the granite boulders which provide swimming with the most stunning view and some spectacular snorkelling.  There are beautiful corals in the water here and many colourful fish including parrot and angel fish.

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We spent the day relaxing on the beach, and Stu built a boat from palm leaves to sail away into the distance.

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The only downside we encountered here was having to drag ourselves away at the end of the day.