We parked the car near to Danzil and La Scala restaurant on the edge of a narrow single track road, then started the hot hike to Ansé Major. You soon leave the ‘road’ behind and follow a well signposted path along the coast.

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The path is very narrow in places and near cliff edges in parts but overall is not hard hiking.  The trail follows the edge of the Morne Seychelles National Park and gives views inland of dense rain-forest and granite mountains.

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The view along the coast is sensational, looking north across the Beau Vallon bay and South along the National Park to Ansé Major. When looking out to sea on a clear day you can see Silohuette island in the distance.

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The walk is hot as it is exposed to the sun almost all the way, so we needed to bring plenty of water to ensure we didn’t get dehydrated.

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After approximately 50 minutes you reach a small wooden shack and the most incredible view of Ansé Major beach.

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From here it is a short walk down the hill through the rain-forest to the most beautiful beach.  There are few people here, especially if you arrive early in the morning.  The water here is beautifully clear and refreshes you as you dive in for a swim.  You just need to be a little bit careful of the strong currents at certain times of the year.

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We also found a quirky shack that has been built and uses lots of the objects found during beach-combing…

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The only downside is that after you’ve cooled off you have the hot and sweaty hike back to the car!